Monday, 15 March 2010

London Council Candidates launch today

Green Council candidates gathered this morning for photographs and interviews with a BBC local news team on the Millennium Bridge. After lining up along the bridge for a tracking shot, I had the chance to meet Jenny Jones, Green London Assembly member who has done so much for road safety in London.

Councillor Katie Dawson spoke about Green achievements in Islington, in particular the soon to be implemented 20 mph speed limits on every residential road not currently covered by a 20 mph zone. Interestingly even the Evening Standard is beginning to understand the benefits of slower moving traffic.

In a Standard article today, Amsterdam is promoted as "the cycling capital of the world" and Dutch experts say "Boris must do more to stop cyclists being killed". Any roads in Amsterdam without segregated cycle lanes have an 18 mph speed limit. Let's hope Boris works it out soon; he just has to take the Islington approach and extend 20 mph limits across the capital to make London safer and more civilised for pedestrians and cyclists.

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