Saturday, 17 April 2010

"What About Women?"

"What about women?" is the Fawcett Society's brilliant General Election campaign. As a Fawcett Society member, and sometime wearer of their lovely 'This is what a feminist looks like' t-shirt, I was absolutely thrilled this morning to receive my Election Special copy of the Fawcett magazine Stopgap. In the centre pages, the Fawcett's very own Leaders' Debate - with one very important difference! The first of the four leaders profiled is our very own Caroline Lucas, leader of the Green Party. As Caroline says,

as the only party with a female leader .. the Green Party has shown that we put our principles into practice. So when we say equality for all, we mean it.

My own interest in politics started with campaigning on women's issues, and human rights, back in my student days. Later, I wanted to see politicians getting serious about protecting the environment too. The really exciting thing for me is that the Green Party brings it all together. Fairness is not just part of the Green Party slogan - it's the common thread linking together gender equality, human rights, and the need to give everyone an equal share in the world's resources - now and in future generations.

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