Saturday, 17 April 2010

Highbury's going Green - be part of it!

This weekend we took delivery of a consignment of eye-catching "estate agent" style boards which we'll be putting up across Islington.

While I was carrying the wooden posts into the house, a young couple who were passing stopped me and asked if they could have one for their front garden. The guy marched off, with the sign (on a seven foot pole!) under his arm. It made my day!

Our leafletters will be out too this weekend - look out for the latest copy of Highbury Green News, on jobs, apprenticeships and education.

Thanks to everyone who's helping out, including those of you who have got in touch with Islington Green Party via the website by email to offer your time and effort on our behalf. And speaking of the website, don't forget you can download a window poster there too!

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