Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Recycling follow up

Last November the Islington Gazette reported that the Council was going to introduce compulsory recycling. We were delighted that Islington were minimising rubbish sent to landfill but felt that a "carrot not stick" approach would be more successful - see my letter to the Gazette.

It looks as if the Council may have listened. I arrived home this afternoon to find a motivational message attached to my food waste recycling box, thanking me for recycling and encouraging me to continue. Praise where praise is due, well done Islington.

1 comment:

  1. Great. The next step is for the council to start doorstep collections on estates - and for those estates which haven't given 'permission' for doorstep collection to be told they've got to do so.

    If you've got to take your stuff to the recycling bank over the road and round the corner, and there's a bin or bin chute at the end of your balcony, guess where most of it will end up? And anyway how will the council know who's doing it?